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it is natural to ask the Taoist monks chanting salvation,moncler mosaic down jackets mens with hooded zip blue, no matter Is it right People really can not do bad things" At the same time Aitina Yaxiu and mutually saw one eye eyes full of doubt they do not know what is the meaning of Al Rina's words Tess flute son is one Leng first and then holding his stomach started to laugh Laugh and loud laughter resounded in the small house and the rain outside compared favorably even over them The two men Yaxiu was completely confused but Tess flute son laughter seems to have an appeal he also felt the original some stuffy the mood also become bright many "Thank you Lena you do is really good Yeah you didn't sleep for a night should be very tired Hurry up and go to rest" "Okay just magic consumes excessive takes a little time to recover please master don't worry" Al Rina slightly for a gift covered with straw in the corner and sit close start "Cough cough" Suddenly came a daisy flute son cough voice and his eyes staring straight Yaxiu don't put "Whistle son you.related articles: