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I am going to open a bar in Dali why do I no longer young Development of anything can not be Everything is going smoothly so is the venture capital industry in the complex and volatile international situation the economic impact of the financial crisis is still grave and the new situation of the development of domestic economic transformation China's venture capital industry is facing a new period of strategic development carrying the great historical mission of the new At present China's venture capital industry is thriving but the objective is the lack of strategic direction and objectives clear market system construction obviously lag to the industry and relevant aspects of attention and solve the related problems comprehensive point of view the current venture capital industry has ten main aspects: the lack of overall development planning and stage targets both the long-term planning in the national social economy or in the government work report the venture capital industry was very very general the lack of clear guidance and clear laws and regulations are not perfect is not complete especially the "Interim Measures for the administration of venture investment enterprises" still remains at the level of regulation the lack of legal authority "Partnership enterprise law" the relevant provisions of the limited partnership failings the legal status is not clear the general partners shall bear unlimited joint and several liability but no relevant legal system although venture investment related tax preferential policies have been promulgated but because of the relevant provisions of fuzzy boundaries and executive departments to cross and the implementation is poor and the emphasis on ex post incentives to support rather than on the orientation of the prior support Index is higher than that of the GEM Listing Rules listed audit do poineering work board the enterprise profit Too much emphasis on substantive audit of listed companies and the continual innovation ability and the future growth of the lack of scientific prediction and judgment the objective of misleading investors over the pursuit of initial public offerings (IPO) before the project registered outside the venture capital business engaged in domestic institutions and not the enterprises within the territory China Corporation but to the relevant government departments to enjoy national treatment especially some registered in the offshore industry organizations and financing consulting agencies even the name of "Chinese" word head in China engaged in a variety of non legitimate activities by the evolution of its own funds to direct brokerage business self-management model for raising social funds entrusted management mode still with a strong "sponsor + investment + underwriting" sets a monopoly focusing on investment in IPO projects not to play its unique advantages has been engaged in the specialized investment business Chinese funded financial institutions abroad using its large state-owned background and cross-border business unique advantages and equity investment banner go all lengths to enter the domestic large-scale raise renminbi funds also focused on rob IPO project The government in guide fund excessively emphasized industrial policy objectives to cooperate with civil society institutions set up venture capital funds for investment regional and Industry supplies have to be carefully managed." 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Yuri Huang's attending physician.
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